We tell our startup and Small to Medium Enterprise (SME) clients that unless they are going to be able to use their website to get customers that a website in our market isn’t absolutely necessary to start their business.
If you have limited finances, then a social media presence can sustain your business until you can afford to build a website. Don’t spend money on a website unless you know you have a marketing strategy for using it to increase your sales leads.

Businesses in West Africa especially those in retail can survive and even thrive without a website. Of course there are certain kinds of companies that are exceptions; NGOs for example need a website from day one if they intend to raise funds. People want to know that the NGO is formal and law abiding.

Private educational institutions (schools and universities) also need a website from day one as students and their parents will want to see your curriculum, your accreditation, and your facility before they enroll with you.
Businesses that don’t need a website initially are those primarily in retail and direct sales. Until there are more ways to do online transactions having a website for a retail business isn’t that important in this market.
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