Who We Are Looking For

We’re on the hunt for young, imaginative minds who are ready to bring their creativity to life. Whether you’re a wizard with words, brilliant with the camera, or a future digital marketing guru, we want YOU! We’re not looking for qualifications, we want to see your passion and your potential. 

About Vickie Remoe and Company (VR&C Marketing Company)

VR&C Marketing is a marketing, communications, and public relations agency. We have over a decade of experience in strategic communications, multimedia production, and content marketing. We operate in Ghana (since 2013) and Sierra Leone (since 2016). 

We have a demonstrated understanding of Sierra Leone’s political, cultural, and social contexts in media representation and coverage.  We are reporters, journalists, and multimedia content producers across TV, radio, print, and digital channels, including Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, several blogs, and YouTube. 

Our clients come from all sectors, including entertainment  (Ecofest, Drizilik) international development organizations (UNDP, UNICEF, IFAD, UNOPS, Irish League of Credit Unions); energy (Smiling Through Light, Easy Solar), healthcare (Well Woman Clinic, Covid-19 Action Fund for Africa, C19 Dignity Project) technology (Mikashboks, Ezipay SL, Directorate of Science, Technology, and Innovation, Smart Systems), fast-moving consumer goods (Nestle Ghana, Printex Ghana, Aquafresh Ghana, Capitol Foods, Bomba Icecream, Sierra Leone Brewery) and many others. 

Some interns from our previous training programme

What You’ll Be Doing

If your application is successful you will start on July 1st, 2024 for hands-on learning on the following:

  • Writing for the internet.
  • Hosting and presenting shows.
  • Learning interview skills.
  • Documentary Photography.
  • Videography.
  • News and feature writing.
  • Digital Communications. 

You need to have basic digital literacy skills (know how to use the internet, search engines, send and receive emails etc.) and a functioning tablet, phone, or laptop is a must! Plus, we need your availability- you’ll need to be with us full time for six months.

The best interns will be invited to join VR&C Marketing as full-time entry level content creators or  communication officers!

Vickie Remoe and some interns from our past training programme

How To Apply 

We believe in seeing your creativity in action. To apply, show us what you’ve got by completing these two tasks:

  1. Write a 500 word news story:
  • Must have the news headline: “China Nicky Elected President of Sierra Leone.”
  • Make up quotes for three people in the story:

– A fictitious expert on Sierra Leone politics.

– A fictitious friend of China Nicky.

– A fictitious individual who voted for China Nicky.


  1. Submit a one-minute video about a day in your life:
  • Must be a summarized version of your day.
  • Must show some highlights of your day.
  • Must have a voice-over in the video.

At VR&C Marketing, we don’t just see you as an intern; we see you as the future of content and digital marketing in Sierra Leone. Our programme is designed to nurture your talent and give you hands-on experience. This training program is designed by Vickie Remoe so it will be demanding. Remoe does not accept mediocrity. She’ll make you do it until you get it right! So if you’re not striving for excellence this training programme may not be for you. You will have a lot of hardworking days but you’ll be fulfilled and proud of your output.