A new social media training service for institutions has been launched in Ghana by VR&C Marketing Company. This new learning opportunity is professional development that enables owners and executives  to tap into online social networking for business growth. Only one in five businesses in West Africa have a functioning social media presence. Executives understand the value of having a social media presence but many are still reluctant to engage. Their concern is that social media networking exposes them to uncontrollable negative commentary. Social Media for Institutions Dot Org will train staff with the tools they need to successfully manage their communications campaign on networking sites.

What businesses need to remember is that social media is not a subset of the internet it IS the internet.

At the launching of Social Media for Institutions, Managing Director of VR&C Marketing, Ms. Vickie Remoe,  said that the goal is to help businesses add social media marketing to their mix.

“Our clients in West Africa often feel compelled to outsource their social media marketing or not do it at all. This is because they don’t feel confident in their staffs abilities to represent them on social media, said Ms Remoe, a Social Media Master Trainer.

“We have designed our social media training courses for one-on-one and larger in-house groups to create social media buy-in and empowerment across the entire institution.”

Its not just large institutions that can benefit, Startups, Small-Medium Sized Enterprises  and NGOs can also benefit from social media training. Learning social media tools and techniques will help them better tell their stories and build relationships with their target audience.

Whether it is a one-off social media quick fix or a master class for novice and intermediate marketers Social Media for Institutions Dot Com has the tools and techniques to take businesses closer to their goals. Trainees will learn content development, profile optimization, corporate acceptable use policy for social media, page management, user engagement, targeting, and social media advertising.

Social Media for Institutions Dot Org has trained staff from government agencies like the Anti Corruption Commission, and National Social Security Insurance Trusts in Sierra Leone; Businesses like Printex, Kalyppo, Asabea by Novolar in Ghana; Small Medium Sized Brands in Sierra Leone like EatSmart, Afromeric, Morvigor, and Fashion StartUps like Heel The World and Prince Zamira. These institutions have been able to strategically utilize our social media techniques to grow their customer base.

“Being on social media is no longer an option for businesses and institutions, it is a necessity”, said Vickie Remoe.

“Those institutions who invest in training their staff for social media marketing success are those that will build loyal customers, and stronger relationships with the public.”

Social Media for Institutions Dot Org offers free no commitment consultations for small and big businesses who want an instant assessment of their social media weaknesses.


About Social Media for Institutions

Social Media for Institutions, Businesses, and Brands will teach you how to unlock the power of social networking for business growth. We train owners, managers, PR Officers, and executives both one-on-one and in groups. Get in touch for a free consultation today!    Social Media for Institutions is powered by VR&C Marketing Company.

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