Digital Marketing is Key!

Imagine creating a new financial services app and setting the goal of reaching 1000 downloads in three months, only to achieve it in a mere four weeks, sounds like a dream right? Well, for Sierra Leone’s leading osusu app, MiKashBoks, that dream became a reality thanks to the extraordinary expertise of VR&C Marketing (VR&C MKTG) in the realm of traditional and digital marketing. 

The MiKashBoks app enables group saving and lending for people who are underserved by brick-and-mortar banks. By launching in Sierra Leone, the app aimed to provide a safer digital alternative to traditional osusus. To ensure the launch was a success, the app’s leaders recognized the need to connect with Sierra Leoneans and thus partnered with VR&C MKTG, the country’s leading digital marketing firm.

Research is Important!

With firsthand knowledge about the savings (osusu) culture in Sierra Leone, the digital marketing experts at VR&C MKTG  knew that they would have to reach into the minds of the average Sierra Leonean to convince them to make the switch to MiKashBoks. This knowledge set the tone for the marketing plan that helped achieve MiKashBoks’ goals. 

As the marketing communication consultants for MiKashBoks, VR&C MKTG designed, scripted, and produced content for use across traditional and digital platforms to educate consumers and generate new leads.  

Communication Strategy Tips

VR&C also developed and fine-tuned the introductory messages of MiKashBoks to highlight the company, its people, and its technology. But all of this could not have been achieved without creating a targeted digital communication plan. 

VR&C crafted the communication plan defining who the target audience was for the company and also setting the objectives of building brand awareness and brand trust amongst the public as a major goal to be achieved. 

Brand awareness is the level of familiarity and recognition that the public has with a brand. This has to do with how often individuals in the public can recall a company’s logo, jingles, slogan, etc. Building brand awareness helps companies stand out in the public eye especially when its new in a market. With this in mind, marketers at VR&C embarked on an intense social media advertising journey. 

To achieve brand awareness, videos announcing MiKashBoks arrival and its pending launch were shared across all social media platforms and marketing communication material such as blogs, Vox-Pops, and social media graphics were created to highlight the existence of the app. Flyers and radio jingles were also made to increase Mikashboks app brand recall.

What We Did To Build Brand Trust

Brand trust was also an aspect that was needed to build loyal customers. The marketers at VR&C know that brand trust is the sole reason why consumers buy from companies. Therefore, VR&C MKTG’s campaign linked the words “MiKashBoks” and “Safe Osusu” in the public’s mind.

People needed to know that the app was being run by a qualified team who had the needed financial expertise to ensure the effectiveness of the app, therefore content was created on social media to put a spotlight on the founder and employees of the app. Based on advice from VR&C a financial literacy Facebook live program was produced and hosted by MiKashBoks. As planned and coordinated by VR&C MKTG, staff from MiKashBoks also made appearances on radio and TV programs.

But aside from these two goals, increasing the audiences that could be reached was essential. The communication plan noted that the fastest way to increase uptake for the app was to plan public engagements with large audiences at a time using either popups or events to attract more audiences. 

In crafting the plan, it was noticed that university students were the most accessible group and are more likely to download the app. VR&C advised MiKashBoks to conduct a financial literacy college tour to  not only share financial literacy tips but also demonstrate how the app works and why students need it in their everyday lives. 

Exceptional Results!

At the end of the 12-week campaign, VR&C MKTG not only help create brand awareness and trust amongst the public but also helped MiKashBoks reach its initial milestone of targeting of 1000 downloads in three months to achieving it in just four weeks. This speaks to how choosing the right digital marketing communications agency is critical for success. 

Through this remarkable collaboration between MiKashBoks and VR&C Marketing, we have witnessed the power of strategic communication in achieving ambitious goals and surpassing expectations. Here’s to celebrating a triumph of collaboration and the relentless pursuit of excellence. 

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