We are happy to announce that our tenure with Sierra Leone Brewery Limited has reached its end.
Thankful to the staff and management there who trusted us with King Leone.

Here is everything we did to go from zero to branded in 7 months:
1. Developed King Leone Beer’s Brand ID, “Brand in a Bottle”
2. Create the Mi Na King Campaign
3. Launch the Mi Na King Campaign in Freetown, Bo, Makeni, Kono and Kenema.
4. Produced an animated advert and jingle for the campaign and completed media buying for radio and TV
5. Designed, Printed, & Distributed marketing materials for the Mi Na King Campaign
6. Social Media Management & Advertising
7. Developed & Managed a Six-Week King Leone Beach Football League
8. Creative Design & Media Buying across TV, Radio, Outdoor
9. Brand Management
10. Produced Content Marketing Videos “King of the Streets”

We successfully introduced a fairly unknown local beer brand to its target market and increased awareness of the brand.
King Leone Beer, foh di man way pass man!